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Location Services

We set our sights and always strive to find our target.

Venandi Systems is a data and systems centric company providing reliable and accurate employment verification services and batch analytics.

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What is The Venandi Difference?

We understand the unique needs of each organization and have built our solutions to be customized to meet business objectives and budget goals. We implement customized employment verification strategies that increase account liquidation.

Our personal touch and willingness to share our experience with our clients makes all the difference. Using our data, you can determine suit worthiness and work to recover funds from older judgments and challenging accounts that were previously considered unrecoverable.

Venandi is the missing link in your receivables recovery strategy.

Create Your Customized Location & Verification Solution

Dormant Judgments

Unlocking new value from older inactive judgment accounts.

Suit Worthiness

Finding opportunities to recover higher balance accounts.

End of Waterfall

Solving verification puzzles at the end of your account waterfall.

Special Challenges

Accepting unique challenges that test our agents’ skills and technology.

Why Choose Venandi?

Businesses are often left hunting for absent account holders and searching for assets to recover money that is owed. We understand the intricate and time-sensitive needs of post-judgment discovery, verification, and recovery. In Latin, Venandi means hunter, or hunting. At Venandi Systems, we set our sights and, through unwavering focus and relentless tenacity, always strive to find our target. Our proprietary technology platform, “Hunter,” helps us to efficiently provide our premier asset location and verification services.

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Leverage our experience and build your success.